5th Int. Amateur Ice Hockey Santa Claus cup

According to the last years events, here you can find the program for the 2014 year 5th International Ice-hockey Santa Claus cup, which is the best organized, best served non-professional ice hockey event in Hungary. All international teams are welcome.

1. Date, location

The program takes place from November 28. till November 30., 2014, in Budapest, JÉGPALOTA (1048 Budapest, Homoktövis utca 1.; www.jegpalota.hu)

2. Attendants

The organizer mainly waiting for male teams. Age limit of the participant players: from 17 years as minimum, with no maximum age limit. Organizer has sent invitations for Austrian, Slovakian, German, Romanian, Serbian, Canadian, Italian, Polish, Croatian and Slovenian amateur teams as well, in addition to Hungarian invitations. The Santa Claus Cup will be held with the minimum participations of 8 teams and with a maximum of 16 teams.

3. Settlement in case of 16 teams

  • Games in groups with round robin,
  • 4 x 4 teams (A, B, C and D groups),
  • the 1th team will be qualified for the next round from each group*,
  • In case of qualification a round robin system will provide the final result.

*In case of less teams than 16, the organizer could change the game organization, which means more games/team.

4. Drawing

  • Date of the drawing: 2014. November 16.
  • The group setting will be published instantly on the web page www.jegkorongsport.hu.

5. Matches/Games

  • Matches are 2×20 minutes long brutto time,
  • Regulation of IIHF is valid during the matches.
  • No iceing.
  • In case of tie either team gets 1-1 points.
  • Minimum number of player of teams is 7, maximum number is 17.
  • Wearing of ice hockey equipment is obligatory.

6. Awards

  • The first 3 placed team gets:
    • A cup, a medal and a certificate,
  • 4th placed team gets a certificate and a cup,
  • Further awards offered by the sponsors.

7. Organization

  • We Are Reklámügynökség Ltd., as the operator of www.jegkorongsport.hu web page is responsible for the organization.
  • Nomination form can be downloaded from www.jegkorongsport.hu.
  • Additional informations on www.jegkorongsport.hu, via e-mail rendezveny@jegkorongsport.hu.
  • After the nomination form arrived, teams get a confirmation e-mail including the conditions of payments and reservation. Teams has 15 days as minimum for the decision and make the financial transactions.
  • Organizer ensures during the tournament the follows:
    • referee, sports physician and jury,
    • preferencial accomodation fees for the registrated teams in hotels near to the ice center,
    • Buffet and other entertainment /dining facilities are available.

8. Nomination, accomodation

  • Nomination fee for the cup: 400 EUR/team.
  • The nomination fee includes the followings:
    • min. 3 games per team,
    • locker rooms,
  • Organizer provides discount hotels.

9. Deadlines

  • Deadline for registration: 2014. Oct.31.
  • Notice of reservation with the exact number of rooms: 2014. Oct.31.
  • Deadline for the arriving of the nomination fee within 2 weeks after the nomination. (If the advance does not arrive for the deadline, nomination is automatically invalid!)

10. Conditions

  • Players can apply for the cup on their own responsibility.
  • Registrated teams and their members obliged to accept Organizer’s conditions related to the programs and undertake to keep them all.
  • Organizer has the right to change the time and number of trainings and other activities as well as the settlement of the matches. Registrated teams and their members obliged to behave themselves in a fair manner either on the rink or outside it.
  • In case of non-observance Organizer has the right to disqualify the involved persons and/or the whole team.

11. Contact

We Are Reklámügynökség Ltd.
H-2013 Pomáz, Váci Mihály utca 16.
E-mail: rendezveny@jegkorongsport.hu