Four Nations Old-timer National Team Cup – english version

According to the last years succesful events organized by, here you can find the first 4 Nations Old-timer National Team Cup which will be the best organized, best served non-official ice hockey event in Hungary. All international teams are welcome.

1. Date, location

The program takes place from April 27-28., 2013, in Budapest, JÉGPALOTA (1048 Budapest, Homoktövis utca 1.;

2. Attendants

Organizer has sent invitations for Austrian, Slovakian, German, Romanian, Serbian, Canadian, Italian, Polish, Croatian, Russian, Swedish, Finnish and Slovenian amateur teams as well, in addition to Hungarian invitations. The Cup will be held with the minimum participations of 4 teams and with a maximum of 6 teams.

3. Settlement in case of 4 or 6 teams

  • Games in groups with round robin,
  • In case of 4 teams there will be only one group, in case of 6 teams there will be 2 groups (3 games per team) with round-robin games,
  • In case of 4 teams the final result will be according to the group games results,
  • In case of 6 teams the first of each group will play for the first place, the second of each group will play for the third place and the third of each group will play for the fifth place.

4. Drawing

  • Date of the drawing: 2013. April 10.
  • The group setting will be published instantly on the web page

5. Matches/Games

  • Matches are 3×20 minutes long brutto time, with short break between the periods and with short warm-up time.
  • Regulation of IIHF is valid during the matches, and the teams must accept the decision of the jury.
  • No iceing and body contact allowed.
  • In case of tie either team gets 1-1 points.
  • Maximum number of playerr are 20.
  • Wearing of ice hockey equipment is obligatory.

6. Awards

  • The first 3 placed team gets:
    • A cup, a medal and a certificate,
  • 4th placed team gets a certificate and a cup,
  • Further awards offered by the sponsors.

7. Organization

  • Crazy Hockey Ltd., as the operator of web page is responsible for the organization.
  • Nomination form can be downloaded from
  • Additional informations on, via e-mail, or phone by Krisztián Dande at +36 20 572 8797.
  • After the nomination form arrived, teams get a confirmation e-mail including the conditions of payments and reservation. Teams has 15 days as minimum for the decision and make the financial transactions.
  • Organizer ensures during the tournament the follows:
    • referee, sports physician and jury,
    • preferencial accomodation fees for the registrated teams in hotels near to the ice center,
    • Buffet and other entertainment /dining facilities are available.

8. Nomination, accomodation

  • Nomination fee for the cup: 1.000,- EUR/team.
  • The nomination fee includes the followings:
    • 3 games per team,
    • common all-you can eat dinner for all teams with unlimited food and drink consumption (excluding short drinks) on the first day of the tournament from 17.30-22.00.
    • penalty shoot-out competition for max. 8 players from each team,
    • locker rooms,
  • Organizer provides discount hotels, for further information see point 12. Please mark it on the nomination form.

9. Deadlines

  • Deadline for registration: 2013. March 15.
  • Notice of reservation with the exact number of rooms: 2013. March 15.
  • Deadline for the arriving of the nomination fee within 2 weeks after the nomination. (If the advance does not arrive for the deadline, nomination is automatically invalid!)

10. Conditions

  • Players can apply for the cup on their own responsibility.
  • Registrated teams and their members obliged to accept Organizer’s conditions related to the programs and undertake to keep them all.
  • Organizer has the right to change the time and number of trainings and other activities as well as the settlement of the matches. Registrated teams and their members obliged to behave themselves in a fair manner either on the rink or outside it.
  • In case of non-observance Organizer has the right to disqualify the involved persons and/or the whole team.
  • In case of initiating fighting or unsportsmanlike behaviour the jury and organizer has the right to disqualify the involved persons and/or the whole team.

11. Contact

Crazy Hockey Ltd.
H-2481 Velence, Akácfa utca 8.

Dande Krisztián – managing director
Mobile: +36 20 572 8797

12. Accomodation offer

Organizer ensures preferencial accomodation fees for the registrated teams in hotels near to the ice center. Aim of the offer is – in addition to give full service – to make the teams possible to stay in a high-standard hotel which is near to the ice center.

1. Karin Hotel (
The price of accomodation is: 27 EUR/person/day, which includes accomodation in 3-4 beded beautiful apartments, TV, free WiFi and all you can eat buffet breakfeast, etc.

2. Hotel Ramada **** (
The price of accomodation is: 125 EUR/room/night, which includes accomodation in doble rooms, TV, free WiFi and all you can eat buffet breakfeast, as weel as wellness and fitness services.

13. Events

You can find the following events, attractions near the ice-rink, which programs are recomennded by the organizer for all ice-hockey teams.

Aquaworld –

One of the biggest indoor water theme parks in Europe offers unforgettable entertainment to visitors of every age throughout the year. The adventure centre is covered by a giant dome, 5-storey high and of a diameter of 72 m. It is so big it could host comfortably a family of blue whales, the biggest animals on Earth. The monumental replica Angkor temple surrounded by suspension bridges, towers and pools is a breath-taking sight. The world of the “serene statues” is a perfect counterpoint to the use of the most modern architectural and technical solutions, in line with the Aquaworld conception, to create a modern shrine of aquatic culture offering complex adventures to visitors. Aquaworld is located on the northern outskirts of Budapest, at the Pest abutment of Megyeri Bridge, along the M0 ring, in a green area, yet close to the town centre. It has an outdoor car park with a capacity of more than 1000, easily accessible via the Aquaworld exit of the new Budapest M0 ring.

Hospital in the Rock /

Beneath the Buda Castle District lie approximately 10 kilometres of interconnected caves, cellars and meandering tunnels, which the inhabitants have continuously used, expanded and rebuilt. At the outbreak of the Second World War, when the 1st District and specifically the Castle was the Government Quarter, the routes were fortified, the number of entrances restricted, and the often separate passages interconnected. All this was carried out so that the 10-15m deep cave system could serve as an air-raid shelter in the event of bombing. Then, the Mayor of Budapest, Dr. Károly Szendy, ordered the construction of an emergency surgical hospital beneath the Castle for the purposes of air-raid defence and medical treatment.

Tropicarium Óceanárium /

We do not only present a part of the deep sea world but also a tiny bit of a tropical rainforest, where the sky thunders every quarter of an hour, rain starts to fall and lightning zigzags over the lazily lying Mississippi alligators. Besides, the Tropicarium can boast with the largest sea aquarium in all Central Europe, the shark aquarium containing 1.4 million litres of salt water, housing 8 two-meter-long sharks and hundreds of colourful fish of other species, swimming around in peaceful harmony. In addition to the enormous fish-tank, there are 50 other ‘smaller’ aquariums and terrariums (meaning 5-40.000 litres each!) on site.
Let us take a short walk and see what types of animals call the Tropicarium their home.
Room 1 presents fish species of the Hungarian fauna¸ including protected Hungarian fish. The underwater world can be observed in its natural environment in the outer pools.

Moving on, we can imagine walking in the depth of rainforests with colourful exotic birds flying freely above our heads and squirrel monkeys jumping branch to branch with ease, not to mention the elegantly stretching snakes in green, yellow, red and other colours.
The next room introduces us to the world of alligators and the tropical rainforests.
Visitors are greeted by chameleons, giant turtles, spiders and scorpions; naturally, they do not move about freely…
The freshwater department presents the fish species that live in the beautiful and pristine lakes of Asia and Africa among green water plants and cliffs, in an environment that resembles the original.
Piranhas are the real ‘stars’ here and their reputation is far from being perfect …
The 11-meter-long observation tunnel and the huge, 4-meter-deep shark aquarium offer a breathtaking sight, where the frightening looking sand tiger sharks, leopard and brown sharks swim only arm’s length from the visitors. The qualified caretakers of the Tropicarium, all holding diver’s certificates, dive weekly to fed the sharks from their hands and clean the pool. They give 12-15 kg of sea fish to the predators each time. Shark feeding takes place from 3 to 4 p.m. each Thursday, apart from some special occasions.

Understandingly, one of the favoured places for visitors is the ray stroking pool, where they can feed these creatures of silky skin and lovely face.

House of Terror Museum /

Having survived two terror regimes, it was felt that the time had come for Hungary to erect a fitting memorial to the victims, and at the same time to present a picture of what life was like for Hungarians in those times. In December 2000 ˝The Public Foundation for the Research of Central and East European History and Society ˝ purchased the building with the aim of establishing a museum in order to present these two bloody periods of Hungarian history. Dr. Mária Schmidt is the Director-General of the House of Terror Museum, which was completed in February 2002.

Visegrád – King Mathias museum /

Castle of Gödöllő /

28. December, 2012.